Registration Fee


Academician/Researchers/Students (India and Vietnam):   USD 250 
(Up to a max. page limit of 10 pages on Springer Template)
Academician/Researchers/Students:   USD 400
Extra page charges:   USD 50 (per page)
Authors with multiple papers: (Up to 2 papers only)   Second and Third paper is USD 150 each 


Download Registration Form

Download Copyright Form

Registration Instructions

Kindly follow the below mentioned guidelines (strictly) related to preparation of final manuscript, copyright transfer form, registration/payment and final submission. The procedure has been detailed as a five step process (I)-(V): 

(I) Preparation of CRC (Final Manuscript for Inclusion in Springer Proceedings Book) You are requested to give a strict attention to the below mentioned points during preparation of final manuscript to avoid any last minute revert backs from the publisher (Springer). 

(a) Please format your paper on the springer template which may be download from our conference website. 

(b) Authors should not mention designation etc. in the name and affiliation part below the paper title. You are requested to mention only name, college/organization name and mail ids of all the authors. However, they may mention acknowledgement if necessary (at the end of the paper-prior to references). Kindly mention full name of your institution and city name. Put a star mark on the mail id of corresponding author. 

(c) Authors should not give any photo and biography at the end of the paper. 

(d) Please address the comments raised by the reviewer(s) as far as practicable. The responsibility lies with the author to incorporate these comments in preparation of your final Camera Ready Copy (CRC) for submission. However, it is worth noting that your paper will not be reviewed again and the submitted CRC (after registration) will be directed to Springer for publication. 

(e) In case there is any content matching issue that is communicated to you by review comments, kindly see that you rewrite the paper to avoid any plagiarism issue in future. While revising there may be possibility of adding few lines and sentences and it may change content overlap. Please be informed that Springer will not allow more than 15% overlap. 

The sole responsibility for correctness of paper lies with the Author(s). Kindly ensure that while incorporating any changes to your paper you do not violate the Springer Plagiarism Policy. Please be informed that Editorial Board or Organizing Committee is not responsible if Springer finally rejects your paper even after you have registered due to plagiarism issue detected by Springer. 

(f) Cite all figures and tables used in the body of the text. Check English sentences, grammars and spelling carefully. You are advised to take support from some expert on this. 

(g) It is mandatory that the submitted manuscript is solely from the authors’ own work and not from the work of others (unless explicit permission for the same has been granted). This includes text, figures and tables. Information from published articles must always be cited explicitly. Proper citation is to give the credit to the work that is originally published (not to follow-up work or reviews). 

(h) Citations should be given close to the information within the sentences or at the end of the sentence, not after several sentences or near the end of the paragraph. Even when citations are given, exact copying of a whole sentence or paragraphs should be indicated by quotation marks. Furthermore, reuse of part of a published figure or table requires a copyright permission from the publishers that hold the rights. All re-published figures and tables should explicitly indicate the original source. 

(i) You have to doubly ensure the format of reference section as well as the mode of citations. 

All references which are cited must be complete in terms of details like: Year of publication, Vol No, Issue No, pages, name of conference/journal etc. wherever required. [Refer detailed guidelines given in template itself] 

All references listed in the end (under reference section) must be cited in the body of the text. 

(j)Prepare your CRC (manuscript) using Springer template without containing any page numbers or any special headers or footers. From the final CRC formatted, authors should generate the electronic version of CRC in PDF format as well. 

(k)You can add or delete authors name in your final paper. Once sent no further alteration will be possible. 

(l) Please note that Springer will make a quality check of each final paper prior to sending it for production. If any issue of plagiarism is detected which is not within the Springer policy then the paper may be rejected even though authors might have registered. Neither the Editorial board nor the Organizing committee will be responsible in this case. Hence, we advise authors to carefully prepare their final paper. 

(m) All Tables and equations in your final paper must be in editable format. No image format is acceptable. 

(n) If you are revising your paper a lot as per the review comments please ensure that later Springer production quality team do not point out any issue of plagiarism later. Conf Organizer will do no further plagiarism check, hence all responsibility lies with author only. 

(II) Completion/Filling of Copyright Form 

(a) Copyright form may be downloaded from our conference web site. Use the copyright for applicable to you. 

(b) Take a printout/soft-copy of appropriate Copyright form and kindly mention/enter the following: 

Title of the Book or Conference Name: 4TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON 


(INDIA - 2017)

Volume Editor(s): Prof. Vikrant Bhateja, et al. 

Title of Contribution : Mention your complete paper title 

Author(s): Mention the names of all the author(s) in the same order as mentioned in your paper. 

Corresponding Author’s Name, Address, Affiliation and Email: The author signing the copyright form should mention his/her details: Full name, affiliation, complete postal address and e-mail id under this head. 

(c) After making the above entries in the copyright form, it and can be signed by any one author (on the behalf of all the authors), i.e. the corresponding author and mention the date. 

(d) Scan this completed and signed copyright form and convert it to pdf. (You can also use the facility of e-signature available in PDF)

(III) Author(s) Registration  

(a) Each paper must be at least registered by one author for getting it published in Springer. 

(b) Extra page length charges would be applicable beyond 10 pages (strictly). You have to make a combined fund transfer in such a case (i.e. Normal Registration + Extra Page Charges). For extra page charges kindly check conf web site for details. 

(c) If same author is registering for multiple papers, the first paper is USD 250 and rest (only second and third paper) papers you have to pay USD 150 only . A single conference kit will be provided in such a case. [In case of Indian and Vietnamese authors only] 

(d) For foreign authors/delegates the registration amount is USD 400, extra page charges 50 USD extra per page. 

(e) You are requested to attend the conference and present your paper under the oral presentation session. If the registered/corresponding author is unable to attend the conference, the same can be attended and presented on his/her behalf by the co-authors. However, if none of the authors are able to attend the conference then it is mandatory that you should give us prior information and seek permission. In such case your registered paper will be forwarded for publication in Springer but it may be noted that presentation certificate will not be issued. 

(f) The paper will not be uploaded to Springer unless we receive the payment. 

(IV) Payments 

Pay the conference registration fee in US Dollar($) via Bank Transfer (Please quote " INDIA-2017 Registration Fee, Your Name and Your Paper IDs" in the description section of your transfer) to:

  • Bank name: Vietcombank Danang
  • Account holder: Duy Tan University
  • Address: 254 Nguyen Van Linh str, Da Nang city, Viet Nam
  • Account number:
  • Swift code: BFTVVNVX 004

For the purpose of author/participant registration in INDIA-2017 conference; Authors/participants from Vietnam may use the following (alternative) to make payments directly in VND.

  • Bank name: Vietcombank Đà Nẵng
  • Account Name: Đại học Duy Tân
  • Account Number: 004.1.000010792

In case of any difficulties contact Dr. Gia Nhu NGUYEN; Email:



After making the payment fill the registration form available on the conference website. Please send this completed registration form as well as scanned bank receipt by email to: 

Dr. Gia Nhu NGUYEN


And CC

Mr. Phan Phung HOI


With theS ubject Line of E-Mail: INDIA-2017 Registration Form

(V) Final Submission 

Your final submission is the last step of registration/submission process. You are requested to submit the following files after renaming those with your paper id. 

(a) Final camera ready paper in Springer format: pdf file. 

(b) Final camera ready Springer format source paper: Either in WORD file or in LaTex (For latex, all the associated files should be given as zip file). 

(c) Signed copyright form: scan copy jpg or pdf form. 

(d) The proof of registration payment.

(e) Complete Registration Form

(f) Kindly rename all files with your PAPER ID (for example: 156_CRC.pdf, 156_CRC.docx, 156_Copyright.pdf, 156_Payment, 156_Reg_Form etc.). 

(f) Store all files in a folder again named as your paper id and convert the same to zipped form. 

(g) Forward this zipped folder to us as an attachment in ONE mail only 


With your paper id in the subject column of the email (as: Final Submission 156) 

Please complete the above process by or before 10 April 2017. 

Send your final paper and registration as early as possible for allowing us to prepare the manuscript as soon as possible and send the same to Springer. 

For any more queries, please feel free to call/email the Editor(s) 

Thanking You 

Warm Regards 

Editors INDIA-2017 

Corresponding Editor

& Publication Chair-INDIA-2017

 Prof. Vikrant Bhateja

Mb: +91-9935483537


Organizing Chair and Editor INDIA-2017

Dr. Nguyen Gia Nhu

Vice Dean, Graduate School, Duy Tan University,

182 Nguyen Van Linh, Da Nang, Viet Nam

Mobile: +84-905155544